Eri Nagasaka

Eri grew up with a Japanese father and an English mother, giving her exposure to wildly contrasting cultures. The bustle of Tokyo, where she spent most of her childhood, gave way to idle summers in the English countryside. She then moved to Vancouver, where she spent her teens surrounded by Canada's most beautiful nature.

Nanse Kawashima

As the daughter of a coffee hunter, Nanse grew up in the tropics most of her life. Coming of age in El Salvador, Jamaica and Hawaii gave her an uncommonly sunny and eclectic worldview. But she was drawn to the city, and she eventually migrated to Tokyo and New York to pursue a career in design.

Both Eri and Nanse have lived and worked in New York for over a decade in various creative fields, including Interior Design, Fashion/Accessories and Product Design. They met five years ago through mutual friends and immediately hit it off, their common interests in design, art, fashion and space naturally bringing them together.

When they decided to collaborate, ideas organically sprang to life. Their nomadic upbringings urge them to create a style true to heart, and fuel their interest in symbols as a universal language.

No matter where we live, we all have rituals, whether sacred or not. Hence the name Symbols + Rituals. Eri and Nanse are inspired by childhood memories and by each other, but more than anything what inspires them is the art of making daily habits even more beautiful and meaningful.